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PRESS RELEASE: “THE DRAGON GAMES” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

Listen up, you trick-taking card game fans!  “THE DRAGON GAMES”, a family-friendly card game reminiscent of “Spades” and “Clubs”, will be launching on Kickstarter on June 28th, 2014.  As the name implies, this isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill trick-taking game.  While it does use terms like “trump” and “trick” regularly, it features a game board, an action card deck, and of course, plenty of dragons!  Winning tricks will nudge your character along the board, but you’ll need to pay attention to the colored spaces and the suits being played to get ahead of the others.  A written and video preview are in the works for those of you wanting to learn more, so stay tuned for more content as it’s released.




Carl Hansen and Rebecca Smith from Dream Options Inc. had this to say:

“THE DRAGON GAMES is a trick taking board game that has layers of strategy, elements of team play, competition, and beautiful artwork. Each player represents a champion from one of the 7 kingdoms in a distant world. In order to keep peace between these kingdoms, these champions must compete in THE DRAGON GAMES. They have to travel through 7 dangerous dragon lands. Those that are brave enough to face the dragons and cross the more arduous regions have the greatest advantage in the Games! With the right strategy, only one challenger will come out the victor and be crowned the champion of The Dragon Games bringing power and control to their kingdom!

There are 7 suits in THE DRAGON GAMES instead of the traditional 4 suits. And what really makes the game unique is that you start with a different number of cards for each of the 7 dragon suits at the beginning of the game. And then as the game progresses, more cards are added into the playing deck. This initial deck and how the deck evolves during the game are different every time you play it. All dragon suits are not equal, which creates different levels of difficulty. Another element of the game is the Dragon cards, which are action cards that add an extra twist to the game play.

If you want something that has layers of hidden strategy and creates a unique experience with every play, THE DRAGON GAMES is it! It is a game for 2 to 7 players ages 12 and up.”




You can learn more about and support “THE DRAGON GAMES” by visiting the official website, here:



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