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PRESS RELEASE: “Spiders!” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Spiders are sneaky little devils.  Just last month I was in bed reading a book, reached over to check my phone, and BAM! An eight-legged creature was camping out on my shirt staring at me from behind the book. The scream that followed would have impressed Wilhelm, for sure.  “Spiders!”, a game currently seeking your support on Kickstarter, puts players on the other side of the fence. This time around, you’ll be spinning webs and attempting to catch flies, all the while trying to hide from the humans lest you incur their wrath.





Game creator Ben Hughes from Ambivalent Overlord Games had this to say:

“Spiders! is a simultaneous strategy board game for the whole family. You get to play as a spider, scurrying from room to room trying to build webs and catch flies – but watch out for the scary humans!

The game becomes a chaotic mix of planning your moves while at the same time attempting to stop your opponents from completing their plans. All actions are played at the same time so wait and see who knows where those pesky humans are going to wander to next or where the flies will end up.

We’re crowd funding this game to get this unique game produced and distributed to as many people as we can in one go. Our ultimate goal (stretch goal #3) is to be able to produce a minimum of 500 sets, in which case we will be producing with custom dice, spider meeples and printed boxes.

During the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be delighted to email backers Spiders! Certificates of Adoption, so that if you’d like to pledge for a copy for a friend you can print off this fine certificate and let your loved ones know they’ll be receiving a box of Spiders in just a few months!

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We appreciate all your support!”

You can learn more about and support “Spiders!” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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