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PRESS RELEASE: “Seekers: Treasure Hunt” Seeking Support on Kickstarter

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Brush off your compass and don your hats, fellow archeologists!  “Seekers: Treasure Hunt”, a family-friendly game for two to four players, is currently seeking your help on Kickstarter.  In this particular game, you and your fellow treasure hunters will be aiming to be the first to unearth the riches that lie somewhere on your maps.  Gather clues!  Scrounge the map!  Play cards!  Form temporary alliances!  “Seekers: Treasure Hunt” will certainly give you the tools you’ll need to make it big…the question is, will you be the one brave and cunning enough to find it first?


Seekers: Treasure Hunt

Seekers: Treasure Hunt


Game Designer Jeffrey Hsu had this to say:

“Seekers: Treasure Hunt is a competitive, fast-paced strategy game for 2-4 players, where your goal is to be the first to find the buried treasure!

Hello Seekers,

Earl Von Venture here at your service. A quick run through before you head to adventure. As you may already know, there is an ancient treasure hidden in the great desert. Follow the clues on the yellow rune stones to find what you seek. The more clues you have, the easier your journey becomes. Choose your characters wisely! Each character card has an ability you don’t want to forget! Avoid common pitfalls…..quicksand, mirage, sandstorm to give yourself a fighting chance. Stop to open the treasure chests and you may unleash unforeseen powers! Whether you are motivated by competition, fun, or even greed, there is excitement to be had in every game! Just remember, there can only be one……Find the buried treasure before it’s too late!

Why we think you’ll love Seekers: Treasure Hunt:

1. Fast-paced action: Although there is no time limit, Seekers: Treasure hunt is a race to find a buried treasure. While playing, you will have an immediate sense of urgency and the excitement builds as you unveil more clues for each game. Players do not need to take time to develop their characters, bases, or accumulate money. They hit the ground running.

2. Balanced gameplay: Do you hate it when someone keeps getting the perfect dice roll and you can’t do anything about it? Do you find yourself giving up halfway through a game? In Seekers: Treasure Hunt, whenever a player pulls far ahead, the other players can form temporary alliances and level the playing field. Cards and map layout are designed to keep each and every game as close as possible.

3. Good-natured competition: Many of our cards are just plain fun to say, and their in-game effects are even more entertaining. In Seekers: Treasure Hunt, you do not have to reach a certain number of points, obtain a certain amount of money, bankrupt other players, or destroy other players to win the game. You simply strategize and hold things fall into place.

4. Easy-to-learn and teach: Seekers: Treasure Hunt can be taught in a matter of minutes. It has enough elements to keep it interesting, but not so much that you lose track of things.”

-Jeffrey Hsu and Peggy Chan

You can learn more about and support “Seekers: Treasure Hunt” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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