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PRESS RELEASE: “Raid & Trade” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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The folks over at Mage Company LTD, the same developers who brought you  “12 Realms“, are at it again.  Instead of a fairy tale setting complete with familiar heroes and evil villains, you’ll be thrust into a post-apocolyptic world that’s been devastated by the Third World War.  Competing against other players trying to survive, your goal will be to gather the necessary items needed to enter the Golden City.  “Raid & Trade” is currently seeking funding through the Kickstarter process (as of 11/3/14), so go check it out via the links below after you’re done here.


Raid & Trade


Alexander Argyropoulos from Mage Company LTD offered the following press release:

“The 3rd World War was referred, by many, as the last war because of the vastness of destruction that it had caused. Everywhere around the world, mankind suffered great casualties and horror — but a few survivors that had the power and the resources built mighty cities all around the world to gain strength and rule again. The cities that were built each had a unique aspect: They contained golden metallic walls, symbolizing hope. Thus, they were named the Golden Cities. This game takes place five years after the Last War, with the players taking on the role of people vying for citizenship within a Golden City.

Raid & Trade is a post apocalyptic board game for 3-5 players, a game of negotiation and resource management. The player who is able to enter the Golden City first wins, and there are three different ways to enter the golden city:

-Become an expert: Reach 20 skill points.
-Serve the city: Fulfill three secret quests.
-Become a nobleman: Get the most possible favor points.


Raid & Trade


In each turn, the players can spend action points to do several actions such as moving through the city, raiding buildings, attacking other players, and more. Each player has a specific skill — mechanic, trader, electrician, bodyguard and medic — and has his own unique items to build; those items can be traded off against other items or resources.

The board of the game is modular so that in every game you have a new map to discover. All over the map, the players find different buildings which they can raid. Each time a player raids a building, a raid card of this type of building is taken and read, which leads to specific circumstances taking place. The player will be made to make various decisions including important moral decisions! Upon resolving the various decisions, you will receive character points. The choices you make, for good or for bad, will lead to specific perks and advantages (or disadvantages) during the progress of the game. When raiding a building, you get resources (tools, scraps, mechanics, electronics, etc.). By combining these resources, you can craft items with special abilities. By doing so, you will advance your skill points.

Every player also gets secret quests of the golden city. To fulfill these quests, the players have to spend the resources mentioned on the card. To fulfill a quest will not only lead the players closer to victory but also give them advantages for the rest of the game.

You can learn more about and support “Raid & Trade” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


Read the preview here:


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