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PRESS RELEASE: “Party Time” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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As much as I enjoy playing games with the kids, there are occasions where you just need a break from the family-friendliness of games like “Ticket to Ride”.  “Party Time”, an adult-themed drinking game, is currently seeking your help on Kickstarter.  It features a few different card types, including truths, dares, anything goes, and more.  To sum up gameplay, players will take cards in turn and be attempting to follow the instructions.  Some cards are aimed at the individual while others task the group with participating.

Party Time Kickstarter

Party Time

In a recent press release, James Graham (the game’s creator) had this to say:

“I am trying to get funding for a little project that i have launched on Kickstarter, it’s called Party Time:


What is Party Time?

Party Time is a card game version of Truth and Dare, with a few added extras. The game involves taking shots depending on the card you pick from the deck.  It is a good game when having friends over, it breaks the ice really well and just keeps getting better.

What is The Kickstarter funding going to do?

The funding from Kickstarter will help me get the cards printed from Cartamundi.

What’s Next?

After i have reached my funding target and have got the cards printed i will hopefully be selling the cards. If funding and selling do well then i will be looking into making other decks, maybe even themed ones.

Well thank you for reading and hopefully you Pledge some money towards my project as it would mean a lot to me to have these cards printed.”

You can learn more about and support “Party Time” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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