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PRESS RELEASE: “GAMBONI” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

I have yet to see a board game that truly captures the feel of running your very own Italian Mafia…that is, until I ran into “GAMBONI”, a game that is currently seeking your help on Kickstarter.  After all, what’s a Mafia game without things like power, respect, and running your very own businesses?  As someone who’s played “Omerta: City of Gangsters” and “Mafia” (video games), I admit to really being interested on where this game is going to go in the upcoming months.




Game Designer Ewout Key Rameijer offered the following:

GAMBONI is a board game for 3 to 5 players. The game map is a representation of New York City in the 1980’s where five families controlled organized crime. To co-ordinate business and to settle disputes, the “COMMISSION” was formed. Each family is represented by their boss aka “CAPO”. The boss of the most powerful family is elected or otherwise installed as “Chairman of the Commission”. Up to 5 players compete to become “Boss of all Bosses” or “Capo dei Capi”.

In a standard 5 player game, each player has 7 turns (one week) to gather as much MONEY, POWER and RESPECT points as possible, whilst staying alive … MONEY points are earned by controlling area and operating business sites such as pizza co’s, strip clubs and drug labs. POWER by controlling complete area’s and RESPECT by attacking and successfully defending. These points are represented by poker chips, stacked on the left side of the board.

Key to winning GAMBONI is to find the right balance between RISK and REWARD. The game involves tactics, strategy, diplomacy, bluffing, risk taking as well as a portion of luck. One must be aggressive and active but know when to stop and whom to attack and whom to keep as a friend.

You can learn more about and support “GAMBONI” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here: