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PRESS RELEASE: “Escape Room In a Box: The Werewolf Experiment” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Escape Rooms seem to be all the rage these days, but I’m not one to complain.  Escape rooms make you feel like you’re actually part of a “SAW” movie, but without the risk of meeting a gruesome end. Typically, Escape Rooms are group exercises that challenge players to beat all the puzzles before the time limit expires.  That’s exactly what you’re getting with “Escape Room In a Box: The Werewolf Experiment”, a game that’s seeking funding through the Kickstarter process in February, 2016.




Game Co-designer Juliana Patel offered the following:

“Escape Room in a box is a 60-90 minute cooperative game where 2-6 players solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues in order to escape from a mad scientist’s plot to turn them into

This is an experience as much as a game. It’s a chance to host an unforgettable night of fun with
your friends as you race against the clock to twist your brain around puzzling problems and cunning clues. It is all the fun of an Escape Room crammed into a tiny box of DOOM! (But only if you don’t escape, if you do escape, it’s a tiny box of BRILLIANCE!)

We can’t tell you too much without ruining the surprise, but these are not just pen and paper puzzles. There are locked boxes! Keys and codes that must be found! Feats of
dexterity, quests for knowledge and mind-bending brain teasers that must be accomplished.

The game is primarily a one time use game like the real Escape Rooms or Murder Mystery Night Games. However, we want some replay-ability, so every game will include a refill pack (FREE with the kickstarter – sold separately after) that will have a .pdf of the puzzles, replacements for the elements that are used up, and instructions for reconstructing the box. We will also include a “game master script” for the host so that you take charge of certain elements (timing, hints, etc.) as
you lead your friends through their adventure and watch them escape their terrible werewolf fate (or not!).

This is a unique gaming experience like nothing else on the market. If you are passionate about puzzles, or love escape rooms, or are just looking for a totally new and fun way to spend time bonding with friends, family or co-workers, definitely check out this Kickstarter!”

You can learn more about and support “Escape Room In a Box: The Werewolf Experiment” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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