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PRESS RELEASE: “Escape From Monster Mansion” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Seriously, who wouldn’t enjoy trekking through a dungeon with your friends and slaying bad guys?  “Escape From Monster Mansion” promises exactly that while being dynamic at the same time.  Players reveal new rooms as they explore, making each and every game a unique and exciting experience.  As you’d expect, players can choose between different characters with unique abilities and equip weapons to give themselves an edge.  Of course, there’s no shortage of monsters…where else can you find a giant roach, an alien, and a kill-bot all in the same quote unquote “dungeon”?


Escape From Monster Mansion

Escape From Monster Mansion


Game Designer Payton Lee from Chance Games had this to say:

“We love interactive games that allow us the freedom to cooperate or compete, fight or negotiate, trade resources or favors, and to form and break alliances… we also love all kinds of monsters, from vampyres and werewolves, to witches and demons, to aliens and robots – We love them all! That is why we decided to create “Escape from Monster Mansion”, which is the perfect blend of both our passions.

If you like our idea and would like to see our game become a reality, you can pledge and get your own copy. Don’t forget to tell your friends to help us succeed!

Payton Lee is a mechanical engineer by training and Purdue alumni. He is the game designer. Joe Bilicic brings you the beautiful monster illustrations from the Brave New Garage Art Studio. Together we bring to you “Escape from Monster Mansion”, the ultimate multiplayer, monster slaying, dungeon survival game…”

You can learn more about and support “Escape From Monster Mansion” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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