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Orcs Must Die!

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Orcs. They’re mean. They’re green. They’re big. They’re ripped. They’re the other white meat. They’ve got an attitude. Obviously, they must die.

“Orcs Must Die!” is a tower defense game for the PC and XBox Live. As I’ve explained in my first Dungeon Defenders article, a tower defense game tasks the player in defending a key object. The enemies spawn from elsewhere on the map and it is your job to place your towers in an efficient manner to make sure said enemies never get to the object you’re defending.

The player takes the role of a male War Mage that starts off with a few traps and unlocks more as he progresses through the game. He also sports a few weapons like a crossbow and a windbelt to aid his traps in stopping the enemy.

Orcs Must Die! Traps

Picking the right traps for a particular level is just as important as trap placement.

These traps can be upgraded by spending skulls. Do well on a level and you can earn a maximum of five skulls, though replaying the same level will not earn you any more if you’ve already scored a perfect five in your last playthrough. If you previously earned three skulls and scored a five for example, you’d be awarded an extra two skulls.

Unlike Dungeon Defenders, it’s single player only. Action is a lot faster however and oddly more satisfying. Placing traps and lining up headshots feel very fluid. The sound effects and the music do a great job in keeping the suspense alive while keeping the player amused. A guitar riff, for example, plays every time you kill an Orc with a headshot. The feel of the game is a bit more “acradish” than Dungeon Defenders but still a lot of fun. Games end faster too; it’s great for when you only have five or ten minutes and want to satisfy your arcade shooter / tower defense craving.

Orcs Must Die! Archers

A row of archers positioned well can do wonders.

I’ve seen the game go on sale for as little as $3.75 on Steam, definitely a steal. If you’re in the mood for some semi-mindless slaughter and want a fun diversion for while, you can’t do wrong in picking up this little gem.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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