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Oil Rush: Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

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“Oil Rush” is a game I come back to every now and again when Eufloria just doesn’t have the “oomph” I need.  In a review I wrote here, I was taken away by the graphics and how fun it was to send boats and airplanes out to sea with the intent on blowing stuff up.  Recently, the game’s first DLC was released adding tower defense maps to the mix.  Before we take a look at the specifics of this DLC, I’d like to thank Anton Ravin from UNIGINE Corp. for sending me a free review copy.

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC (PC, Mac, Linux)

For those of you who haven’t played “Oil Rush” or read my review, it’s a strategy game that does away with base building and focuses on moving units around key points on the map.  These key points are capturable and either spawn more units for the owner or provide a boost to cash flow.  Players are able to build defenses around most of the key points that they have under their control.  It quickly becomes a chess game in that units are moved around, capturing and possibly recapturing structures they’ve previously lost.  What’s more, maps are mostly water and the units reflect that…that is, they are either naval or aeronautical in nature.

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

Oil Rush sports some beautiful scenery.

The DLC contains five new maps, a unique technology tree for those maps, a new unit (Raider’s Catamaran), and a new tower (Heavy Mortar Turret).  I had a problem figuring out how to access this new content.  The new maps weren’t hi-lited in any particular way to set them apart from the standard maps, though the description made them somewhat obvious once I browsed the list.  It’s important to note that four of the five maps are found under the single player menu and the remaining map is found under multiplayer.  All of them are towards the end of their respective lists.  I included screens below to help you identify them.

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

The last four maps on the “quick game” list are part of the DLC…

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

…as is the last map on the multiplayer list.

The technology tree for the tower defense maps looks and feels the same, though skills have been moved around a bit and there are some unique abilities available that can be unlocked.  The heavy mortar turret, for example, can be unlocked which upgrades your anti-air turret.  In retrospect, it isn’t a new turret like the product description suggests.  It’s simply an upgrade to an existing turret.  I attempted to locate the new unit that the product description lists, but I was unable to find it.  I played a few games in single player to see if the Raider’s Catamaran unit showed up, but alas, I didn’t see it.  Again, some sort of guide or instruction on how to access this new content would have been welcome.

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC Tech Tree

You’ll gain tech points as you dispatch enemy waves.

The tower defense maps themselves follow the same general premise…protect your primary building.  There are a series of stations positioned between enemy spawn points and your prized possession, and you’ll be able to outfit them with turrets like you would in a normal skirmish map.  The goal is to survive a predetermined number of waves, balancing your oil income between replacing destroyed turrets and upgrading existing ones.

Oil Rush Tower Defense Map Pack DLC

The tower defense matches last about five to ten minutes, give or take.

Sadly, I can’t recommend this DLC based on its current price tag.  As it stands, there are no games available in the multiplayer menu (none that I saw, anyway) and you’re essentially spending $4.99 (as of 12/5/12) on five new maps that include a twist to the already functional tech tree.  If you get a ton of mileage out of “Oil Rush” and play it on a regular basis, I’d still recommend waiting for some sort of sale.  I love the game itself, but I was disappointed by the lack of content that this DLC offers for the listed price.  In the grand scheme of things, there are plenty of indie games going for five bucks on the market that are a joy to play and offer much more content.

Final Verdict: 4/10

You can learn more about and purchase this DLC by visiting the following websites:


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