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Nation Red

January 2nd, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Queue zombie game number seven million, three hundred and sixty-five thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two.  Usually, the zombie games I review include some sort of special feature or tactic that draws the player in.  “Nation Red” however, is just a straight up slaughter fest.  A player will be controlling a character with the sole intent on staying alive and mowing down zombies in an arena-like setting.  It may appeal to some, but even with the perk mechanic (which resets with every new game), I found it to be repetitive after about five minutes of play time.  Then again, I picked up this game for about a dollar during a Steam sale.  Overall, I think it’s great for some fast and mindless zombie killing (especially when playing with friends), but it ceases to be anything more than that.

Nation Red

Nation Red (PC)

Rather than write a whole article on the subject, I linked a quick video or two below that outlines the game and gives you a look at how it plays.  Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: The above is simply a quick impression / opinion and not a full review.  

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