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Moustache Smash

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You get to smash your mustache against cards lying on a table…enough said.  Okay, perhaps that could be taken out of context a bit.  In “Moustache Smash”, each player will have a plastic stick with a mustache attached to it…trust me, you’ll prefer this over using your own (though it would make for some rather funny home videos).  On the reverse side is a suction cup which is used to pick up cards as they are dealt onto the table.  You’ll have to be quick as the first player to grab a matching card wins it.  Before I get ahead of myself though, I’d like to quickly thank the folks at Spin Master Games for sending me a free press copy.


Mustache Smash

Moustache Smash: 3-6 Players, Ages 7+, Average Play Time = 10-15 Minutes



Mustaches – There are six mustaches, each of which is attached to a separate stick with a suction cup on the reverse side.  These mustache come in different shapes and colors.

Cards – The game consists of 32 cards, most of which lists a particular mustache.

Setup & Gameplay

Each player randomly chooses a mustache and holds it to their face.  As each card is turned over (one per round), players will be trying to quickly identify the mustache listed on the card.  If the card matches either the color or the shape of the mustache you’re holding, you can attempt to smash it with your suction cup and win the card.  An incorrect “smash” earns a player a negative two point penalty.  If a “pass” card is drawn, players will pass their mustache to the player on their left.  The player with the most cards once the deck runs out, wins!


This review is going to be short and sweet, mainly because the game is so simple to pick up and play (not to mention low-tech).  It’s most certainly geared towards younger kids and families as the main feature of this game involves the recognition of colors and shapes.  There’s also a little bit of memory too as players will need to remember which mustache they have and how it looks.  Obviously your reflexes will be tested a bit and thinking quickly on your feet is highly encouraged if you want to win those cards.  I think the game could have been made better if there were more mustaches and cards included to help give the game a bit more variety.  With that said, it’s ten to fifteen bucks on Amazon and just might be what little Johnny or Mary would enjoy for the upcoming holidays.

Final Verdict: 7/10


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