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Meltdown (Preview)

March 12th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the mood for some intense, arcade-shooter action?  “Meltdown”, a game currently on Steam’s Early Access program, just might be the ticket.  It features both single and online cross-platform co-op (up to four players), three character classes (specialist, medic, soldier), thirty randomly generated levels, three boss battles, and wave-attack arena challenges.  Players will also be able to collect loot and level up their character, giving them more of a chance for when they reach the later levels.  The game is also available for Android, for those of you not able to game regularly on a Windows or Mac-based system.

You can check out my first impressions via the gameplay videos featured below.  The game is still in the Beta stages, making the below videos and their content subject to change.  Buying into the Beta now will grant you instant access along with updates and the full game, once released.  There will be a price increase from $3.99 to $5.99 once the game officially launches, so grab it now if you foresee yourself picking this up in the forseeable future.  There’s also a four-pack option: buy three get one free…not a bad deal if you’re planning to play with others.

For those of you interested, I discovered THIS THREAD ON STEAM that outlines the planned updates with regard to future content:

– Mid-March:
Update with Armor system containing: 7 body armors, 7 head armors, 7 face accessories. You unlock stuff by playing and each part gives you various buffs and effects.

– End-March:
Arcade mode and local same-screen multiplayer (up to 4 partners)

– April:
10 new Missions, 1 new Boss, 5 new weapons, 3 new body armors, 3 new head armors, 3 new face accessories

– Later
Versus Multiplayer ( deathmatch, etc.)

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