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Life Quest

Life Quest was a recent purchase from Big Fish Games during their $2.99 blowout special.  This is a single player game that places the user in the role of a teenager about to graduate high school.  You’ll be competing against other classmates to finish certain goals before they do.

Life Quest

Life Quest (PC)

You start out with no skills, very few stats to speak of, and practically no money.  You are allotted so much time in a day and therefore the player must choose where they want to spend their time around town.  You’ll be able to get different jobs (depending on skill level), complete courses to increase your stats, buy things for you and your house, upgrade your apartment…the list goes on.

If I could label this game as anything, it would be a time management game.  I was constantly trying to find the best way to go about town without wasting time.  You are penalized the next day if you go to bed hungry and if you go to bed unhappy, so working all day to make money simply won’t do.

Life Quest Town

It’s your life…what will you make of it?

I found myself trying to improve on other areas of “my life” while trying to complete the main goals at the time.  Rather than complete my goals right away, I’d wait until my rival was almost done completing theirs, then hurry up and finish it.  This gave me extra time to work on goals I know that would eventually be addressed down the line…like having the best car in the game or improving your house, for example.

I really like the idea behind this game, but it was too short.  I beat the game in a few hours time, and while you can replay it, I don’t see myself changing the way I got from “A” to “B” to “C”.  I’d still study the same courses, work the same jobs, and etc.  It’s hard to recommend this game with its $9.99 price tag and the $6.99 member price tag…but I only paid $2.99 so I didn’t feel that ripped off.  It’s a great game the first time through, but after that…meh.  If you have money to blow because you have it in abundance, then it wouldn’t hurt to try it…but if you’re like me and every penny counts, I recommend passing this one up.  There are flash games out there that do roughly the same thing, and are free to boot.

Final Verdict: 6/10

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