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I can’t resist a good horror game and when I came across “Eyes”, I knew I’d have to try it.  The objective of this horror game is to collect a set number of money bags and make your way to the exit without getting caught by this floating head that’s patrolling the house.  The graphics and controls are fairly simplistic, making the game easy to get into.  You run into doors to open them, which was nerve-wracking at times…who knew what was on the other side waiting to pounce on you?  The game gives you a heads up at least when you need to run and provides “eyes” that you can pick up, allowing you to see through the eyes of the floating head in order to pinpoint its whereabouts.


Eyes (PC, Mac, Linux)

At any rate, you can watch me try out the game via the first link or play/download the game yourself via the second link.  Did I mention the game is free?  What are you waiting for?

Play/Download Link:


Play Session:

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