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Dungeon Defenders: Series EV

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I was surprised to log in to Steam and find a new character available for Dungeon Defenders via DLC. I was also surprised to learn that she’s a robot with a unique set of beam defenses that have forced me to rethink my usual playing strategies. Let’s take a quick look at what she has to offer.

Dungeon Defenders Series EV

Dungeon Defenders Series EV

First of all, she can dual wield Huntress and Apprentice weapons, switching between them to gain their effects. If she currently has an Apprentice staff equipped, she can shoot balls of energy and pound the ground for an AOE effect, just like the Apprentice. If she has a Huntress weapon equipped, she can fire and reload in the same way a Huntress can. This obviously has numerous advantages and makes her very versatile on the battlefield. You can use the default “X” key to switch between them.


Her abilities are pretty straight forward.

Dungeon Defenders Series EV Decoys

You can create multiple decoys, each costing mana to summon.

Holographic Decoy: Summons a non-moving holographic form of you, which attracts enemies. Once it takes enough damage, it blows up and damages all enemies nearby.

Proton Charge Blast: When you activate this ability, her main weapon will begin charging. Clicking the primary mouse button (or your default fire key) will unleash what was charged. The more mana you collect during the charging phase, the longer the beam will sustain. It’s a high damage beam that does splash damage to all surrounding enemies.


Instead of towers, traps, or auras, the Series EV character has beams. When you choose a beam to place, you’ll be prompted to place the starting point of the beam. These are called nodes. After selecting a space for the first node, you’ll be prompted to place the second node. You can place the second node close or far away from the first node, though the farther the node is, the more defense points it eats up. After placing the second node, the beam will appear between the two nodes.

Dungeon Defenders Series EV Beams

Left to Right: Proton Beam, Physical Beam, Reflection Beam, Shock Beam, Tower Buff Beam.

Proton Beam: A standard beam that does damage to all enemies that pass through it. Costs between 3 and 6 defense points, depending on length.

Physical Beam: A beam that resembles a barrier, blocking enemies from passing. Costs between 2 and 5 defense points, depending on length.

Reflection Beam: A tall beam that resembles a barrier, but instead of blocking enemies from passing, it reflects all forms of projectiles. I have to experiment with this a little, but it seems to be a good way to protect the crystal from enemy projectiles. Costs between 1 and 3 defense points, depending on length.

Shock Beam: A beam that is similar to a trap in that it has a detonation count. It shocks enemies that pass through it and resets after a brief cooldown. This shock effect also stuns enemies for a brief time. Costs between 4 and 7 defense points, depending on length.

Tower Buff Beam: A beam that is used to buff any allied towers in its path. Primary used for support. Costs between 4 and 6 defense points, depending on length.

Overall Thoughts:

I’ve enjoyed my experience with her so far. I may post another article on strategies and beam placement as I use her more. I will keep you all posted.

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