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Diablo III: There Is No Cow

The title is true…there are indeed no cows in Diablo III. However, there are unicorns, smiling clouds, rainbows, flowers, muffins…everything you’d expect from a game that encourages the slaughtering of millions of hellspawn.

Diablo III "In the Land of Killer Unicorns."

Only in Diablo III can I earn the acheivement, “In the Land of Killer Unicorns.”

Like Diablo II, there is a hidden level in Diablo III.  If a player manages to find the ingredients hidden throughout all four acts, they can combine them to create a staff that opens a gateway to an environment that even the teletubbies would find trippy.

Diablo III Cow Level

Someone should really tell the guy in the peace shirt to stop bringing brownies to the office.

My brother and his friends introduced me to this level and were kind enough to let me tag along.  My first impressions were that of surprise…and I quote…”What…the…” I’ll let you finish that sentence.

There is no Cow

Mother Goose, if she were real, would be rolling over in her grave.

The mobs in the level were cute, but not for players just starting out in Diablo III.  I came close to death a few times, and my character was just starting Act IV on normal difficulty.  The drops were excellent though…this level would be great for farming items, that is, if you can get past decapitating unicorns.

Diablo III Unicorns

This is what you get when Rainbow Bright neglects to take her medication.

Diablo III Secret Level

PETA and the media are going to have a field day over this.

There are guides out on the internet on how to obtain all of the ingredients, so I won’t bore you with things that you’ve probably already looked up.  If you get the chance however, take the journey with a few friends into a place that even Stephen King and M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t create if they tried.

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