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DGA’s Early Access Corner (7/18/14)

Sometimes it pains me to only have one brain and ten fingers…there are just so many great “Early Access” games out there with tons of potential.  Like the previous articles in this series, this is a quick look at the games I’ve been gifted via their respective developers.  All of them are currently in an Alpha or Beta state (as of today’s posting), so this is less of an official review and more of a quick look at what they currently have to offer in their present state.  Enjoy!

Final Rush – “Killing Floor” with robots…at least, that’s what my first impressions were.  The graphics and ambience are incredible, though the content is a bit lacking at this point.  I didn’t like that when I bought a new primary weapon, that it replaced whatever I initially had rather than simply adding to my inventory.  It’s certainly a very hectic game and will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, though some may get bored with it at present since the items available for purchase in between rounds are limited.  Still, it’s something to keep an eye on as additional content is planned per its Steam Early Access page.  You can buy into it now for $14.99.

Viscera Cleanup Detail – For those of you with huge OCD tendencies, this game may very well fit the bill.  Granted, your house in real life will still be dirty after spending hours cleaning your heart out in this space station janitor simulator, but you probably wouldn’t have as much “fun”.  You can grab the game for $7.99 on its Steam Early Access page, though there will be a price increase as the game gets closer to launch.  “Viscera Cleanup Detail” won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s still silly fun nonetheless.  If anything, it’s a really unique idea that deserves some attention…I mean really, how many games do you know of that tasks you with cleaning up AFTER the heroes have done their thing?

Undead Overlord – There are hundreds upon thousands of zombie survival simulators out there, but this one let’s the user assume the role of the other side for once.  No longer must you cower in fear in some corner, starving to death because you’re afraid to go outside.  As the “undead overlord”, you’ll control swarms of zombie units with intent on creating mass destruction.  It’s currently a single player game with limited functionality and bugs (as one would expect from an Alpha build), though the developer did mention multiplayer, a human campaign, and map editor as “stretch goals”…meaning these features will be added IF they receive enough support.  You can find it via Steam’s Early Access program for $14.99, though a price increase to $19.99 is planned later down the line.

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    Really liking Zombie Overlord….got it wished on Steam..VbludfangV there btw