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Century: Spice Road

“Century: Spice Road” is, as best as I can explain it, a resource-management deck/hand builder that’s extremely easy to play.  Everyone starts with the same two cards but can buy more later from a general pool, like in “Star Realms“.  The whole idea is to use these cards to acquire different spices (cubes) and then turning those cubes in to acquire victory point cards. Our first game took about forty minutes or so, but a lot of our time was spent trying to figure out which spices to trade for what spices and how to manipulate our caravan (cube pool of ten max cubes) to get the cube colors we want.

This game is an easy recommend at a price point of $30 or less.  I’ve seen it go as high as $50 on Amazon due to supply and demand, so shop around if you can as I got my copy on Miniature Market for about $25.  For medical reasons, I’ve opted to simply link a video of our first game below so you can see how it plays.  Hopefully I can get back to typing out full reviews at some point.  See my news section for more information on that.  As for this game, it’s most certainly a keeper.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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