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Cell Phones: How To Piss Someone Off In Five Seconds Or Less, Part Duex

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At the request of one of my awesome readers, I’m going to revisit this in an effort to further make my point.

As I mentioned in the previous article, there are rules that cell phone users should follow when using them, especially in public. Besides from being blatantly rude, half the time not following these rules makes you look…what’s the word…stupid?

Guy Pulling On Tiger's Tail

Okay, maybe not this stupid.

On average, there are about twenty to thirty people on a bus and surprise surprise, none of them give a rat’s gluteus maximus how much you hate your ex and the reasons you list out loud over the phone. It amazes me just how rude some people can be, especially when it comes to being unable to show an ounce of respect to the people around them. The people on that bus have their own problems, yet some of them are smart enough to not subject others to them by broadcasting their dirty laundry.

This happens on the bus more often than you think.

I once worked with a person I will not name at a company I will not name, who used to promote her personal side business while working, including links to her website via company email. She received calls and setup appointments, oblivious to how inappropriate it was.

About five years ago some punk lived next to me when I was renting. This teenage boy had the gall to purposely walk outside at three o’clock in the morning and have loud phone conversations on his front porch. This baffles my mind. You have the decency not to wake the people in your house but have no consideration for those living next door? Are you still in second grade and haven’t figured out yet that sound travels? Out of all the twenty-four hours we are given in a day, three o’clock in the morning is THE best time to fight with your boyfriend via phone? When I went outside to confront him, he would scurry back inside like a mouse, then come back outside five minutes later and continue the conversation.

Another co-worker I once had the misfortune of working with did not understand the concept of putting their phone on vibrate. Granted she was older, but if she can figure out how to download a hymn from the catholic music books you are given in church, then she should be able to push the damn pound key in for three seconds long enough for the phone to switch to vibrate. Every hour when she got a text or a call from her seventh husband (outstanding catholic values by the way) I felt like angels were taking a dump into my ear.

Angel Soft…nine out of ten angels swear by it.

How about when you’re going twenty-five in a forty zone because the guy in front of you insists on talking on his phone while he’s driving? Like the people behind him have no where else to be? Thank you, mister ass-hat, I’m going to be late getting my son off of his school bus because your conversation about Troy Pamalalamalibu or whatever the guy’s name is couldn’t wait.

Okay, maybe it’s because I’m older that my patience level has gone down the proverbial toilet, but is a little peace and quiet too much to ask for, especially in places of business where one must concentrate to, I don’t know, work? Is it really that much to ask for people who are in your way due to their idiocy to hang up the phone and put their foot on the gas? Is respect for other people that much of a rare commodity?

There is a time and place for cell phones, period. Chances are you know when and where that is, you just don’t care because you’re too wrapped up in you to even think about other people.

Am I right, or am I wrong?

This rant was brought to you by the Incredible Hulk Foundation.

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