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Can’t Stop Express

November 17th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

While I enjoy a good game of “Yahtzee”, my brain often feels left out as if there’s not a whole lot for it to do.  “Can’t Stop Express” more than addresses that problem and what’s more, no luck-based re-rolls!  Since everyone at the table uses the dice that are rolled from round to round, this means that everyone is on equal footing to score the dice rolled as they see fit.  It’s a brilliant game, aside from the annoying “it’s illegal to make copies of this score pad bit” on the score cards.  I mean seriously, in the words of Bart Simpson, “get bent”.  No other game that I own threatens me with legal action when I need to make copies of score cards, in fact they often recommend saving one for copy purposes.  Anyway, I decided to a review & playthru video all in one swoop.  Join Aidalee and me as we attempt to score above zero points!

Final Verdict: 9/10

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