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Box of Rocks

Are YOU dumber than a box of rocks?  Brave enough to find out?  Then perhaps you should give “Box of Rocks” a spin, a trivia game that poses questions to where the answer is either 0, 1, or 2.  The rocks have notches on them and are shaken up in the box after a question is asked…the number of notches revealed will indicate the game’s answer.  Both your group and the game score points along a track for every correct answer and the first to the top, wins! It’s a relatively simple trivia game that, I’m told, will demoing at Gen Con in August 2016 and retailing in early 2017.  If you like trivia games and think you’re smarter than a box of rocks, then keep an eye out for this one!




Since the game is so simple to play, I’ve opted to do a quick video outlining its features. Our group had fun with this one overall and I suspect that we won’t be seeing repeats of the questions any time soon.  There are one hundred cards with three questions each (answers on the back), so it will take you quite a few playthrus before you go through them all, seeing as how the point track only goes up to “3”.  Without knowing what the retail price is going to be it’s hard to pin down a review score, but I think the game does more right than not.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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