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What’s one thing most, if not all, Facebook users have in common? Besides being a reliable source of informing me on what day it is via status updates, most of my Facebook friends have played at least one Zynga game. If you have, congratulations, you’ve just made the journey into playing “Advertisement, The Game.”

FarmVille Horse

I’m not sure how my farm will survive without a Roman Golden Horse.

I understand the desire to make money, but holy cow.

FarmVille Cow

Get it? Get it? *Sigh*

The Farmville I knew over a year ago was simple, plant some crops, grow em, and as Sheldon would say, “Bazinga!” Now we have stands to craft, buy, and sell things, which, surprise surprise, involve getting your friends to buy or sell things to you, who in turn buy and sell from others. It’s quite the vicious cycle. Some Zynga games REQUIRE friends just to progress further into the game. Imagine playing Pac Man in the arcade and being told you can’t get to the next level until your friend pops a quarter in and plays too.

Take Mafia Wars for example. The number of friends you have weighs against your battle stats, the more you have the stronger you are. Have a crapton of in-game money and have kick ass weapons for your 10 man army? That won’t help you against the guy who’s recruited the Borg.

First Contact

Resistance…is Futile.

How do you add more friends? Why, you invite them as a friend on Facebook of course! Now strangers have complete access to your Facebook profile and whatever information you have out there, all in the name of beating someone up in Mafia Wars. Facebook even created restrictions to mass adding friends to combat this very practice.

I’m sorry Zynga, but I don’t feel as if I should be forced to pay real money or group with strangers I don’t know to progress. Of course, Zynga isn’t the only company doing this, but by far the worst. Load Farmville and count how many pop ups you have to click through to play the actual game. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

FarmVille Garden

While I’m waiting, I think I’ll annoy my friends by mass requesting parts for my new botanical garden.

Yeah…I think enough is enough.

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