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Among the Sleep (Preview)

Having played and enjoyed “Baby Blues”, I was excited to see how this particular Kickstarter success was taking shape.  It succeeded in raising over $200,000 to help meet its Kickstarter goal, which is a fairly impressive feat.  In “Among the Sleep”, you’ll be seeing things through the eyes of a two year-old child…things that you probably shouldn’t see.  This game is a horror-adventure game that left me feeling helpless and afraid to venture forth, much like “Amnesia” and other similar games did.  Not having a weapon in which to defend yourself more than likely had something to do with it, though being a helpless two year-old certainly doesn’t help matters.

Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep (Windows, Mac, Linux)

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Alpha via Svein-Gisle Sætre, a 3D Artist / Community Manager for Krillbite Studios.  It didn’t take me long to head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page (link below), where the game’s Alpha was made public as of 5/14/2013.  The menu was pretty functional for an Alpha, allowing me to adjust things like screen resolution, sound levels, and keybinds.  I was glad to see this kind of functionality so early in this stage of development.  The story starts you off alone in bed, with odd things going on in the house around you.  Your goal?  Finding your parents in the hopes of ending these nightmares once and for all.

From what I’ve played, the game certainly lives up to the adventure-horror genre.  While the game was for the most part stable, I experienced a lot of crash to desktops that forced me to start over from the beginning.  Most of the time, I was figuring out how I could interact with the environment in order to open the next door.  I didn’t experience many scares, save for the one that forced me to make a quick wardrobe change.  All in all, “Among the Sleep” is progressing nicely and is something that you should definitely check out.  In other words, don’t chicken out and be a baby…jump right in and be a baby…or something.

You can learn more about the game and try out the Alpha here:



You can help bring the game to Steam by voting for it on its Greenlight page, here:


You can check out gameplay sessions here:

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