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7 Days to Die (Preview)

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“The Dead Linger”, “State of Decay”, “Project Zomboid”…it’s almost as if these developers are reading my mind!  When I said that I liked open world zombie games, they must have been listening.  “7 Days to Die” is still in an Alpha state, but isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It’s not what I’d call done by any means, but so far I’m having a blast with it.  It features both single and multiplayer across multiple game modes.  Take part in the “campaign” via the survival mode or team up with others in horde mode and see how long you last.  Of course, there’s a deathmatch mode too, for those who just want to ruin someone’s day.  These modes are already fairly customizable, which is a bonus.

7 Days to Die (Windows, Mac)

7 Days to Die (Windows, Mac)

I won’t delve too deep into this here (the game is still in development) and will opt to simply share my gameplay experiences via the videos below.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I have enjoyed making them!

You can learn more about and purchase into Steam’s Early Access program by visiting the following websites:


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