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15 Vintage Board Games That Made Me LOL

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What crosses your mind when you think of your favorite “vintage board game”?  “Fireball Island”?  “Hero Quest”?  “Mouse Trap”? Plain-Jane “Monopoly”?  Well, it just so happens that I was browsing eBay one night for vintage board games and came across a few entries that I never expected…some were totally off the wall unbelievable that I had to post them here.  I hope you enjoy discovering these entries as much as I did…at the very least, one of these ought to make you chuckle a bit.

15. “Class Struggle”

My Thoughts: Learning about capitalist America = Fun for the whole family!




14. “Garfield”

My Thoughts: “Mondays…”




13. “Mr. T”

My Thoughts: I pity the fool who passed “Go”.




12. “All About Dallas, Texas”

My Thoughts: I’d make a joke, but I value my life too much.




11. “Public Assistance”

My Thoughts: I’m not sure why they bothered making a board game of this when so many people are “playing” it already…




10.  “Snoopy and the Red Baron”

My Thoughts: Because shooting down imaginary targets from the top of a dog house is incredibly fun.




9. “General Hospital”

My Thoughts: “Surprise!  You’re father’s daughter is really your grandmother’s second cousin!  I win!”




8. “Rocky”

My Thoughts: Do I get bonus points for calling “Rocky” a bum if I pull off a flawless Burgess Meredith impersonation?




7. “No Respect”

My Thoughts: Bonus points for playing this in the middle of a golf course with Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” blaring from your golf bag.





6. “Bermuda Triangle”

My Thoughts: The real goal of the game is to keep your pieces from going missing.




5. “Raise the Titanic”

My Thoughts: The cold dead corpse of Leonardo DiCaprio not included.




4. “Happiness”

My Thoughts: I suppose it would be more catchy than “Depression”.




3. “Krull”

My Thoughts: Because someone decided that the board game would be much more exciting than that train wreck of a movie.




2. “Capital Punishment”

My Thoughts: Nothing says family game night like capital punishment…I’ll take lethal injection for $400, Alex.





1. “Superman II”

My Thoughts:

Child: “Mommy!  Mommy!”

Mom: “What honey?”

Child: “Timmy is being mean to me!”

Mom: “What’s he doing?”

Child: “He won’t let me kneel before Zod!”







  1. Mark Brownell
    December 31st, 2014 at 10:15 | #1

    Some of these look interesting. Happy New Year to all gamers.