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Facets of Fortune

October 6th, 2017 No comments

Buy low, sell high.  That’s what it’s all about in “Facets of Fortune”, one of the prettiest games I’ve seen in a while.  With some strategic planning and a little bit of luck, you could be the one to be standing on top of a pile of money when the game ends.  Like in recent posts, I opted to cover the game visually so feel free to check out the video below if you have time.  Special thanks to Lowell Press from Millbrook Games for providing me with a press copy.  It’s available on Amazon for about $25, so be sure to use the Amazon tool on the right sidebar if you’re interested in buying it because you’re awesome that way.

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Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire

October 4th, 2017 No comments

Game Designer Steve Finn was kind enough to send me a copy of “Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire” which successfully funded through Kickstarter earlier this year.  At the time of writing, he’s still fulfilling rewards for Kickstarter backers but the game should be available through his website soon.  In the meantime, check out my impressions video below for a primer on the rules.  It’s meant to be played with two players but has a solo variant listed in the back of the manual.  Vinnie Jr. and I had fun with this one (he particularly enjoyed blowing up my ships) and we both recommend it as a quick filler as it plays in less than a half hour.  I personally would have enjoyed more depth on the tech side of things, but it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to do.

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Potato Pirates (Preview)

September 7th, 2017 No comments

Arrrrrrrrrrr, Matey!  We be here today t’ loot a look “Potato Pirates”, a card game that’ll be seekin’ fundin’ through th’ Kickstarter process in late Augusy\t / Early September o’ 2017.  In this three t’ six player adventure, ye’ll be tasked wit’ either acquirin’ all seven o’ th’ Potato Kin’ cards or eliminating all o’ th’ other players from th’ game.  Okay, I’m done with the pirate talk, I swear.  Special thanks to the folks at Codomo for providing me with a prototype copy for preview purposes.  It’s important to stress that prototypes are not always reflective of the final product, making everything that you see and read about below (including the rules) subject to change.

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PRESS RELEASE: “Cauldron: Bubble and Boil” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

August 4th, 2017 No comments

It is time to select a new coven leader.  But how? By doing what witches do best, of course: HEXINGGARDENING, and POTION BREWING! Break out your CAULDRONS because it is time to play CAULDRON: BUBBLE AND BOIL (by INDIE Game Developer Rob Booth)!  The game is nearly ready to go to the printers but in order to do so, CAULDRON: BUBBLE AND BOIL NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! 

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The Visitor (Preview)

August 1st, 2017 No comments

“E.T.” was one of my favorite movies as a kid.  There’s just something about that little alien that made him so darned likable.  “The Visitor”, a game that’ll be seeking funding through the Kickstarter process soon, reminds me a lot of the aforementioned movie.  In short, an alien craft has arrived on Earth and of course, they don’t go unnoticed.  A female “kid” and “agents” both see the craft go down and race toward it, only to be met by a barrier.  The kid and the agents will have to try to figure out what the pass-code/rule is in order to get through.  In essence, it’s like “Codenames” with an “E.T.” theme.  Special thanks to the folks at Tiltfactor for providing me with a prototype for preview purposes.  It’s important to stress that prototypes are not reflective of the final product, making everything you read about here (including the rules) subject to change.

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Wizard Roll

July 8th, 2017 No comments

How many parents out there have kids who love to pretend that they are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger?  Heck, maybe even you have been known to cast a spell or two! “Wizard Roll”, a simple tabletop family game, lets you do just that.  You’ll be rolling dice and claiming elements/runes in order to be the first to complete spells and thus earn points.  The first player to seven points wins.  Special thanks to the folks at RoosterFin Games for providing me with a press copy for review purposes.

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Century: Spice Road

June 30th, 2017 No comments

“Century: Spice Road” is, as best as I can explain it, a resource-management deck/hand builder that’s extremely easy to play.  Everyone starts with the same two cards but can buy more later from a general pool, like in “Star Realms“.  The whole idea is to use these cards to acquire different spices (cubes) and then turning those cubes in to acquire victory point cards. Our first game took about forty minutes or so, but a lot of our time was spent trying to figure out which spices to trade for what spices and how to manipulate our caravan (cube pool of ten max cubes) to get the cube colors we want.

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May 24th, 2017 No comments

As a former member of the United States Chess Federation, I admit to being a little intrigued when I saw the offer to review “Duress”.  At first glance, the game looked like a cross between “Scrabble” and “Chess”.  I came to learn that it was similar to “Scrabble” in looks only (what with the lettered tiles) as no spelling is actually involved.  Instead, players take turns drawing a chess tile from a bag then moving one of their lettered pieces using that chess piece’s move rules.  The goal?  Move your colored tiles (A-P) onto the yellow goal letters in the middle of the board before your opponent does. Special thanks to the folks at Doctor Rocket, LLC. for providing me with a press copy for review purposes.

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May 23rd, 2017 No comments

I had the pleasure of discovering this really easy (yet deep) abstract strategy game that reminded me of “Tigris and Euphrates” and “Acquire” in the way that you could absorb territory on the board.  The goal is to be the first to get all of the pagodas of your color onto the board.  There are other game ending conditions, but that’s what you’re aiming for.  Everything about the game is fantastic and only requires about thirty minutes of your time. The rulebook is one sheet, front and back.  I opted to cover the game in a video as opposed to writing out a review.  Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed “Qin”!

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May 20th, 2017 4 comments

Ever wanted to play a biology-themed game without all that confusing biology?  “BIOTIX” is what you’ll want to play as your sole goal is to get as many different types of BIOTIX onto your petri dish card as possible at the end of a day.  You’ll have to be careful though…your petri dish can only handle so many BIOTIX of a particular color.  Going over causes a bio-reaction, the effects of which change depending on the color.  You earn points for the BIOTIX still on your petri dish when the day ends and the player with the most points after three days, wins.  Special thanks to Curt Covert from Smirk and Dagger Games for providing me with a press copy for review purposes.

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PRESS RELEASE: “12 Realms: Dungeonland” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

May 15th, 2017 No comments

The latest iteration of “12 Realms” by Mage Company proves that the series is still alive and kicking.  “12 Realms: Dungeonland” is a stand-alone game that retains the previous games’ theme, what with the inclusion of characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming.  In this version however, there’s a heavier focus on RPG mechanics…that is, the ability to level up your characters and upgrade their abilities using a skills tree.  A new A.I. system is also featured that allows bosses to react a certain way depending on the situation.  “12 Realms: Dungeonland” is set to seek funding through the Kickstarter process May 15, 2017.

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PRESS RELEASE: “Wanted Earth” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

May 15th, 2017 No comments

When you’re playing a tabletop game with some sort of catastrophic theme, you’re either on one side or the other.  For example, in “Pandemic”, you’re always fighting for humanity against four deadly diseases.  “Castle Panic” has you fighting against orcs and trolls every single time. “Wanted Earth” however lets players be either the humans or the invading aliens, which is a neat twist.  In short, it’s a miniatures game that pits the human heroes against an invading alien force called the Goigons, though the Kickstarter page hints that more may be available via stretch goals.

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Magicka Mayhem

May 13th, 2017 No comments

Most of you video gamers out there know about “Magicka”, a top-down action-adventure game that lets you combine elements to cast spells. What makes the game so great is that the combinations are almost endless…just check out the game’s Wiki and you’ll see what I mean.  “Magicka Mayhem” takes that sometimes hilariously frustrating mish-mash of spells and condenses it into a relatively easy-to-play card game.  Players will be able to use element cards in conjunction with spell cards with the intent on reducing their opponent’s life force to zero like in “Star Realms” or Magic: The Gathering”.  Special thanks to Game Creators Ken and Ethan Erickson for sending me a copy of the game for press coverage purposes.

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Inspiration (Preview)

May 12th, 2017 No comments

Sometimes the best games are those that involve the use of one’s own imagination.  If you don’t believe me, give Dungeons & Dragons a spin with an experienced Game Master.  Even if RPGs like that aren’t your thing, rest assured that there is a huge market for that kind of thing.  The goal of “Inspiration”, a card game that’ll be seeking funding on Kickstarter around May 12, 2017, tasks players with using their imagination to tell the best story based on the available art cards.  Special thanks to Project Lead Owen Camber for providing me with a prototype for preview purposes.  It’s important to stress that prototypes are not often reflective of the final product, making everything you see here (including the rules) subject to change.

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Space Invaders Dice!

April 23rd, 2017 No comments

If you don’t know what “Space Invaders” is, then there’s a good chance I’m older than you. Much, much older.  It was a game I used to play on my Atari 2600 and with my one button joystick, tried to shoot aliens out of the sky (and the occasional UFO for bonus points). “Space Invaders Dice!” recaptures the retro feel of this quote unquote “ancient” video game rather nicely and can be played so or with three other people.  Special thanks Wholesale Manager Zack Krnavek from Turn One Gaming Supplies for providing me with a press copy for review purposes.

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April 22nd, 2017 No comments

If I were to try to make a fireworks display in real life, I’d probably set a house on fire or at the very least, singe my eyebrows off permanently.  “Hanabi” is all about making a fireworks display cooperatively with other players though the kicker is, you can’t look at your own cards.  This poses a problem, as cards must be played in numeric order by suit.  Personally I think “Hanabi” is an excellent team-building game that requires both memorization and critical thinking skills.  While some might consider open discussion against the rules, it can actually promote some good communication/team-building skills as well.

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