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The Game

Think you have what it takes to beat, “The Game”?  It’s a cooperative card laying game that tasks players with getting rid of as many cards as possible by laying them across four piles.  Two piles start at “1” and any future cards must be higher in value, while the other two piles start at “100” and any future cards must be lower in value.  The exception is that you can play a card that goes in the opposite direction, but only if it’s “10” more/less than what’s showing. The pile still maintains the original direction, but it’s a way to get your pile back to where it originally started.  Each player also has to play a minimum of two cards per turn, so there’s sure to be a lot of wincing when you’re forced to play some bad cards.  What’s worse, communication between players is quite limited.

Due to time constraints (I have a few Kickstarter previews to get to), I’ve opted to put the rules and review in video format.  Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Try playing with an eight or nine card hand limit if your group wants an easier game.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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