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2013 DGA Awards

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It’s that time of year again…at least in our household.  With last year’s DGA Awards being an overall success, we decided to sit down again this year to hash out our favorite board games of 2013.  Like last year, it’s important to stress that Dad’s Gaming Addiction is a quote unquote “small, one-man show” that simply doesn’t have access to all of the games released in 2013…both my closet and girlfriend seem to appreciate this fact, even if I don’t.  As such, we’ll be listing only the games that we own and played throughout the year.

Dad's Review Crew

Still, we had some tough choices to make…

My apologies for the cutoff date being two months before the end of the year, but I wanted to release this article early so that folks had a few ideas for the upcoming Christmas holiday…something that the majority of my friends and I celebrate.  If any of the games listed below sound interesting to you, please feel free to check out the review (simply click the link) to get more information on how they play.

If you are a developer / publisher and see your game listed below, feel free to use the awards listed at the very end of this article.  I’m admittedly better at writing than I am at graphic design, so I won’t take offense if you thumb your nose up at them.  Still, considering I was using PowerPoint, I think they didn’t turn out THAT bad.  As always, a big thank you to both my readers and business contacts alike for helping to make this website possible.  Most importantly, special thanks need to be extended to “Dad’s Review Crew” for all of their hard work and support.

Dad's Review Crew

Vinnie (12), Anthony (17), Carolyn (14) & The Official DGA Mascot, Lucy

Vinnie’s Top Ten  (12 Years Old)

10.  Gunship: First Strike!

9.  Castle Panic

8.  Flash Point: Fire Rescue

7.  Those Pesky Humans!

6.  Ticket to Ride

5.  Star Wars: The Card Game

4.  Star Trek: The Next Generation Deck Building Game

3.  Pandemic

2.  Dominion

1.  Dead Panic

Honorable Mentions: Alien Frontiers, Tetris Link, Crappy Birthday, Last Night On EarthForbidden DesertForbidden IslandPandemic: On The Brink (Expansion)Rise of the Zombies!Monopoly: Electronic Banking EditionStratego: Fire & Ice Variant

Carolyn’s Top Five  (14 Years Old)

5.  Crappy Birthday

4.  Ticket to Ride

3.  Say Anything & Say Anything Family

2.  Apples to Apples (Junior Edition)

1.  Jenga

Honorable Mentions: Tetris Link, Lost CitiesIngenious

Anthony’s Top Ten  (17 Years Old)

10. Monopoly Deal

9.  Last Night On Earth

8.  Scrabble Slam!

7.  Ticket to Ride

6.  Tsuro

5.  Walk the Plank!

4.  Yahtzee Hands Down

3.  Summoner Wars: Master Set

2.  Othello

1.  Wiz-War

Honorable Mentions: Khet, Castle Panic, Othello, PandemicApples to Apples (Junior Edition)DominionLost CitiesMancalaPandemic: On The Brink (Expansion)Star Trek Deck Building Game: The Original SeriesStratego: Fire & Ice Variant

Dad’s Top Ten  (Still Not Telling!)

10. Wrong Chemistry

9.  Lost Cities

8.  Garden Dice

7.  Alien Frontiers

6.  Star Wars: The Card Game

5.  Pandemic

4.  Castle Panic

3.  Star Trek Catan

2.  Airlines Europe

1.  Ticket to Ride

Honorable Mentions:  Chess, Convert, Eight-Minute Empire, Jambo, Khet, Power Grid, Sunrise City, Tsuro of the Seas, Hexica, The Great Heartland Hauling Company, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game & Expansions, Lords of Waterdeep, Clue: The Great Museum Caper, Blokus, Bloodsuckers

Skyline 3000

This is how I feel when I open my board game closet…

Last year, I filled this space with what I thought to be the most educational games in my collection.  This year, I’m going to try something a little different.  While each of us have games that we personally enjoy, I found myself reflecting on the times where we had the most fun.  Did we have more fun playing educational games?  How about war games?  Strategy games?

It turns out that cooperative games, through and through, won that contest.  It makes sense in a way…team building and noncompetitive environments are often more fun for all involved, especially where kids are concerned.  To that end, the following is a list of our favorite cooperative games.

Once again, we’ll be listing only the games that we own and played throughout the year.

5.  Star Trek Expeditions

4.  Dead Panic

3.  Flash Point: Fire Rescue

2.  Pandemic

1.  Castle Panic


Being a deadly disease has never been so fun…

If your game’s name is mentioned, feel free to post the appropriate below award on your website.  If you can, please be sure to hyperlink the image to my main page at: http://www.dadsgamingaddiction.com/ or to this article at: http://www.dadsgamingaddiction.com/dga-awards-2013.  If you need assistance in resizing the image, please drop me a line or leave a comment below.

DGA Awards 2013 FG

Use this image if you see your game’s name mentioned on any of the numbered lists.

Use this image if you see your game's name mentioned in any of the "honorable mentions" lists.

Use this image if you see your game’s name mentioned in any of the “honorable mentions” lists.

Finally, to celebrate my journey into the wonderful world of video, please enjoy this eight-minute outtakes compilation:

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